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Re: [TCML] New high voltage source for VTTC- update

Hi Liviu,

Great work! I've been to 4hv forum watching progress on your coil the last few weeks. I'm curious about the MOT on the tube rack at the bottom left: Are you using this for ballast along with the light? Just curious.


Liviu Vasiliu wrote:
Hi list

Well...I have a guess, that my MOTs are weaker than I thought, so I measured the core section of each transformer. They are identical 3.5 cm x 6.7 cm, so a cross section of the core = 23.45 square centimeters, thats mean 549.9 watts each, so just a merely 1099 watts output with the two paralleled transformers.

So, I upgraded it with two new MOTs (they are completely different kinds):
- one with 3.5 cm x 6 cm core (21 square cm core section ) P = 441 watts
- another with 3.3 cm x 7 cm (23.1 square cm core section) P = 533.61 watts

Adding the two transformer in my setup would rise the max output power to a 2074 watts power capability. Had to add a new stage on the source.

The final result:


Schema is here:


The new source with a GU81 vttc together:


The diodes are 22 kV @ 3 A each, doubler cap = 5 microF @ 2.5 kV
Filter cap = 10 nF @ 20 kV - not figured in the schema ( I made it 10 times more than the primary cap as Dr Spark suggested in his posts, now I am runing a primary cap = 714 pF)

Dr Kilovolt from 4 hv forum pointed me that the MOTs run with nearly 2x the magnetic flux in the core so they can put out more power with the same copper heating, so maibe I can output more power than calculated. If so, I am very pleased. Another way to support that point is that my 2 kW variac heats a lot, so maibe I have more power in the circuit.

Anyway, the results on the spark are great:


I run the same voltage on the doubler, but with higher current capability. The little movie shows very well how important is the power input for the vttc to get out a good spark. So not only the tube is important but the transformer you are using.

I can start now the construction of the new vttc.


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