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Re: [TCML] Sidactors in a can of worms

Hi Finn,

Regarding the new sidacs in test: It sounds like, even though you went well above breakover, the Sidac simply performed a clamping (regulating voltage) action? Very odd, but might be neat for a hv regulating need. Actually, considering what the "designed for" application is, this is pretty cool and beats a switching topology, but of course we need the switching in our app.


Finn Hammer wrote:
But when I plug any of the following sidactors into this circuit, all I can record is that the voltage across the cap rises to, and stays at, break over voltage of device. What I don`t see is any rapid discharge of tank capacitor, no voltage rise on, or current into gate, and thus no oscillations. So as far as I can see, these Sidactors are not what they are advertised to be, but instead TVS, Zener whatever derivatives unsuited for SISG duty.
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