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Re: [TCML] Sidactors in a can of worms

bartb skrev:
Hi Finn, James,

These may be specific for telecom with something different internally. Thanks for contacting Littlefuse. Maybe they can lead us to an equivalent switching sidac that is not obsolete or heading that direction. Value isn't overly important (just series them for standoff). It may be hard to find a direct replacement at a specific voltage or even near. We can always go to TO-92 or even DO-15's. As a matter of fact, series two K1500G's (and Mouser has 1200 in stock at 0.56ea in qty of 1) in place of the K3000F1's would likely do the job. The sidac's are staying cool considering the nanosecond on and off times of the IGBT takeover, so I really don't see a problem with that (and can be used with existing boards) ..... and should act like the Sidac's we love.
You are probably right. The ratings are the same for all the sidac's, irrespective of the package.
I'd like to try the DO-214's, and mouser has them.

Another option (for future thoughts) is using a Quadrac. The internal diac (gate pin) would need a cap and resistor to set the breakover voltage, but this should be easy enough to do and would lend itself to triggering without the need of trigger coils? ;-) .

Arrrgh, things are starting to move fast now

Well, I'll be interested to hear what Littlefuse has to say. Thanks so much Finn for performing this testing. This is exactly "why" testing is very much needed.

Take care,

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