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Re: [TCML] Non-lethal use of a Tesla Coil in security

Hi Stephen,

Afraid that Autralian coiler Peter Terren has already
"beat you to the punch" on the T' coil auto burgular
alarm and the T' coil Christmas tree. ;^)

David Rieben

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Subject: Re: [TCML] Non-lethal use of a Tesla Coil in security


What a joke - it seems you can patent anything...;-)

hmmm what can I come up with????

A Tesla coil for scaring cats and dogs off my lawn perhaps?

A Tesla coil for keeping burglars from stealing my car - ohh wait didn't 

they have that in Robocop??

A Tesla coil as a Christmas tree decoration (non lethal of course!!! - 

might have to have active noise cancellation to avoid disturbing the 

carol singing)

A Tesla coil for an alarm clock? - this would get even the laziest 

snoozer out of bed!!!!!!

A Tesla coil for removing you from the internet when you've been online 

for more than 3 hours at a time..(could save many marriages)

A Tesla coil for erasing harddrives before selling then to Chinese 

agents (Bill Clinton would have found this useful)

A Tesla coil for Igniting the Solid Fuel Rockets of the Space shuttle.....

I better come up with a patent quick before they all go!!! ;-)

But in case I don't, I hereby claim intellectual property rights on all 

these ideas!!!!

Although I am open to licensing or Royalty agreements.




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