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And what about  list like:Myths and misconceptions surrounding tesla coils we can often read and hear about?
To start with,my top 5 myths are:
1.Lenght of the secondary wire should be 1/4 wavelenght of the resonant frequency.

2.Voltage step-up can be computed by the ratio of the number of secondary to primary turns.

3.Output potential of coils can be determined by output spark lenght.

4.Tesla coil sparks are safe to "touch" (very weak currents and skin effect bad arguments).

5.Magnifiers are much more efficient then classical coils and generate higher potentials.

To compose list of Top 50 myths might be lot of fun I guess.


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And just think what would have happened if an FAQ had said "don't waste your time attempting to build a triggered gap". That was kinda the conventional wisdom, at one time. Folks who might want to question whether it was possible or not, might be simply referred to the FAQ, with no real chance to debate the hows or whys. We all know there are quite a few sites that still insist on resonant sized caps, so even if you could get one created, it would be outdated as new discoveries were made, unless someone really took ownership of keeping it up to date. We ran into this at work, when we literally spent over a year creating SOPs, only to find that they were becoming obsolete quicker than we could update them.


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> The trouble with collaborating on an
> FAQ is that for some topics, there are as many different
> opinions as there are collaborators, even amongst seasoned
> coilers.  Witness the endless debates on issues like
> NST protection chokes, secondary coatings, use of baffles,
> etc., with strong opinions on all fronts.  I worry
> about building a tower of Babel.  
> The Pupman site DOES in fact have a list of commonly used
> abbreviations and an FAQ, but honestly, if that FAQ was on
> my web site, the stuff on chokes wouldn't make it.
> While it would clearly be great to have an FAQ to refer
> newbies to on often asked questions, I don't know where to
> draw the line, between common issues with >99% universal
> agreement, and more controversial, nuanced issues.  I
> think that such a document requires one person to take
> ultimate editorial control of it, and it would feel awkward
> deleting well-intentioned submittals of others.
> Regards, Gary Lau

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