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Re: [TCML] gold secondary

earl rhodes skrev:
hi finn and guys thanks for that looks like that may be an option
 ive just recieved the quote for the gold "plated" wire  $2.04 per foot and they only have 415 feet in stock

you  know what they can do with that quote !!!

the british supplier can supply 796 meters of gold on copper for £35.00
looks like ill be putting my own insulation on it !

for that price i think the time and effort is worth it now all i have to do is find this so called uv laquer can anybody point me to this as i have never heard of it before thanks guys earl
Being a "man of manufacture" myself, I fear you are going to spend a lot of time, and wire, getting the coating procedure dialled in. Do not start out with the guilded wire!.

You said that space winding was not an option, due to the desire for a low frequency of operation. There are ways around this: A larger diameter coil could make up for the slightly larger winding spacing.

What I am suggesting is, that you have a thread cut in the former, with , say, 4-6 thou larger pitch than the wire diameter, and then wind the coil wet. This way, you are given 4-6 thou of interwinding insulation for free.

You could also go from OLTC to a stack of SISG modules, and enjoy the freedom of a higher Frez. I am suggesting these things because it seems to me that a completely guilded coil is a goal in itself, and should not be restricted by electronic topology.

Just a suggestion...

Cheers, Finn Hammer
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