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[TCML] NC Teslathon

Hey sorry for the late post, I responded but my post was deleted by a moderator for formatting I believe. I was saying im totally for a NC Teslathon. I live in Raleigh NC but have a shop in Wilson NC so i'm very very close. In fact im writing this email from Wilson NC right now. All I have currently is a medium sized coil which still isnt operational yet, but should be come next spring. I also have an unused at the moment 10kva pig and x2 100A variacs if someone needs to barrow one. I'd love to help out in anyway. I forget who sent the original post, but contact me off list if you need some help getting prepared. I'd be more than happy to drive up and meet. Contact me off list or call me. arobinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, or at this email teslamad@xxxxxxx

Andrew Robinson
(336) 287-2006

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