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Re: [TCML] Secondary Wire splice technique, gear reducer 4 sale

Hey Jim...

answers are numbered as the questions

1. If you have to splice, red glyptol should be a wonderful choice for insulating the splice. 2. I used Behrs 2 part pour on epoxy years ago, worked quite well for 5-6 years but after several yrs, it becomes brittle and even the slightest bump( as in contact with another object) creates "air voids" between the wire and epoxy... I hear Dolphs AC 35 is the way to go ...
Also, try to do the coating and drying process in an area devoid of bugs!!
As far as a turning motor, I used a BBQ rotisarary motor powered by a variac along with a foot switch. Motor would quit turning in less than 1/4 of a rev when powered down.

There seems to be no really great way to guide the wire onto the tube other than patients and a durable set of fingers and cotton gloves, keep the wire snug and add a spot of masking tape every 3-4 inches just in case you need to stop winding, this keeps the wire from wanting to "unspring" itself from the tube.

Scot D

Jim Mora wrote:

Hello Friends and Fellow Coilers,

(1) I am preparing to wind nearly 22 pounds of #18 >200 degree wire. This is
available to me on 11 lb spools at near $100/ spool. Is this a good price?
Can I get 22lb joined or bigger spool? I emailed Essex but they never
emailed me back:-( I know how to silver solder a tapered splice which
shouldn't be too hard with this size wire. My question is what to coat the
splice with of very high dielectric coating properties? I want to keep the
windings adjacent for ascetics.
(2) I do plan on my usual few coats of polyurethane and may try my luck with
pour on 2 part epoxy (never tried before by me)...I can deal with drools!
This is a ~7500VA coil.  I guess I would want a slow cure product and of
course constant turning. I would appreciate some experienced responses of
conquered or failure mode hard knocks on these issues. What's a good pour on
product and application techniques? This is a new .125" thick 12.25" PVC
former a big 5:1 ratio. It is getting a 56-60 x 12" top hat to shield the
coil. I can give more design specifics if anyone is interested.

I am building a mucho winder with a worm reduction gear box and an AC freq
controller .5hz- 360hz near constant torque. It makes up to 3 hp 3 phase
from single phase 240v, the next wind is a 22-24" sono tube. I'm using 2"
thick wall hard conduit as the axle. The weather is hot and very dry this
time of year in Ojai, Ca. - Good time to coat and wind!

Thanks Much,
Jim Mora

For Sale:
I have a smaller gear reducer .5" in (1/2" VS drill would be a great driver)
output 5/8" 13:1 ratio I believe it is 175 in-pounds of torque. It looks as
new and turns freely with zero end play. I decided to go mongo (heavy duty)
for the sono tube on the same rig. How does $30 sound? Just use a wide type
fan belt on a 2"x 5/8" shaft alternator pulley and wrap the flat belt around
the end of the coil form. A used timing belt would work well too.

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