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[TCML] Stranded/silver plated wire (was Scientific Method)

Are you saying that you use silver-plated STRANDED wire for secondaries?  Granted, AC resistance and Q are far less important on the secondary side, but the notion of this wire being superior to common magnet wire is incorrect.  Stranded wire is inherently more lossy at RF frequencies.  This is because the skin effect causes current to travel on the outer surface of the bundle.  If a strand on the outside of the bundle weaves to the interior of the bundle, the current in that strand will try to find its way back to the surface, and this means traveling to adjacent conductors, through any resistive oxide layers between them.  This strand-hopping results in a much higher AC resistance than if a single conductor were used.  This is the reason that Litz wire insulates the strands from one another.

I am NOT suggesting that stranded wire is unsuitable for use in secondaries, since secondary Q is not extremely important.  Clearly it works OK.  Just that it's incorrect to suggest that the wire you use is somehow superior, beyond aesthetics.  And honestly, I'm no longer even sure if you DID suggest that it was superior.

As to your legal constraints, I would, putting on my moderator hat, insist that you not drop any further references and teases to things that you are unable to speak freely about.  You must realize that dropping such unverifiable claims calls into question your credibility.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Anyone attend Tesla Fest 2009 can see the 1 Hy inductors for themselves.  We
> use them in our Marx generators, and will have a 600 kV unit in operation.
> They  can also see a few of our large coils in operation with silver tinned
> wire, fine stranded.
> As for the large coil down south, I've already clearly stated my reasons for
> not showing photos of it (like getting sued).  My legal contract with my
> client protects his desire to remain annonomous, and I will respect that
> agreement which I signed.
> Dr. Resonance
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