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Re: [TCML] noise & heat

What power source your tesla coil is powered with?
And what exactly means a "very small tesla coil"?


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From: Mitch Newman <gbith@xxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [TCML] noise & heat
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 12:19:10 +1030

Hi there guys,I am just wondering, i just made a very small Tesla coil for fun before i made a larger one, and when i turned it on for the first time i had ear protection but it was so loud that it hurt even with those on. And you could hear it from so far away is that normal, also the spark gap heated up very quick and to an extreme temp that it melted the two bolts i was using in about 15 seconds of running and well thats when it stopped.
what could i do to fix this problem? 
and is it normal? 
and will it get louder with a larger coil?
Mitch ~ Gb

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