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Re: [TCML] Re: proper credit please

no problem.

Hey Gary, I think you might be able to sell some awareness and books at our
large forthcoming Tesla Fest 2009 combined with the Midwest Inventor's Faire
and also the 2009 Midwest Ham Radio Swap Fest on Aug. 29th.

Since you have done so much for the Tesla community I would be honored to
give you a free indoor 10 x 10 ft. booth space to sells books, info, etc.

Hope you can make it.  I'm sure many the the techies in attendence would
enjoy viewing and perhaps buying some of your books.  Lot of Tesla people,
hams, and inventors in attendence (we are expecting 2000 people).


On Sun, Jun 7, 2009 at 10:17 AM, Gary Peterson <g.peterson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Please accept my apology.  I have added the following credit line to the
> schematic,
> "Credit: Leyh, G. E. and M. D. Kennan, Nevada Lightning Laboratory,
> "Efficient Wireless Transmission of Power Using Resonators with Coupled
> Electric Fields," 40th North American Power Symposium , University of
> Calgary, Calgary, Canada, Sept., 2008."
> Gary Peterson
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> Hi,
> I was just looking at the links you attached to this and found this page
> http://www.teslaradio.com/pages/wireless_102.htm
> The schematic on this page is directly lifted from the paper Greg Leyh
> published through the IEEE, and presented at the NAPS in Calgary.
> You physically copied it exactly, you didn't even redraw it.
> I did not see any credit for this.
> Please correct this error.
> Thanks,
> Mike Kennan
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