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RE: [TCML] Ballasting my Homemade Transformer.

Hello Jim.
I doubt the top of the laminations would be smooth enough to get a good
surface contact with its other half, if my limited experience is anything to
go by.  I found with my 'C' cores that the mating of the two halves when
clamped together had to be a really good clean fit. The surfaces had
actually been finely ground after they were cut in manufacture. 
With the mating surfaces scrupulously clean, just sitting the top parts onto
the bottom (they weigh about 5 pounds each) only gave about 50% of the
output voltage (I was testing by putting 20v AC into the primary as my meter
only goes up to 1000v). Even when they were clamped up tight sometimes you
still got a low voltage from one of the secondary's. Loosen the clamp,
shuffle them around and then retighten and all would be ok. I was very
surprised just how much difference specks of old varnish or flakes of
paxolin (from the bobbins as you slid them on) would make.
Having said the above though, Richie Burnett and others have all made
inductors with adjustable gaps however, so maybe it is not so critical in
that sort of use. Or maybe it was just the material of my particular cores




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