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Re: [TCML] Ballasting my Homemade Transformer.

Hi Jim,

Sure. For example a Franceformer 12/60 NST uses 2 E-cores in just this fashion. The primary is located in the center leg and center to the E cores. There is a secondary on the same center leg to each side of the primary (with of course shunts between the primary and secondaries top and bottom of the center leg).

As Phil mentioned, it may not make the most ideal transformer and some slight leakage if the cores do not butt together nice and flat, but that's not a big deal if you used the cores for a high voltage transformer. If the ends are not flat, then you'll certainly want to ensure it's potted to prevent buzzing. BTW, if you use a potting compound like wax or other that gets relatively hard, when the potting material is about half cured, energize the transformer (this will pull the two cores together nice and tight and any potting material that had seeped between the two cores is squeezed tight providing a nice packed seal between the two cores). Makes for a silent running transformer. I energize the tranny two or three times for about 5 seconds at different stages during the curing process (while the wax or whatever is still very soft).

Take care,

Jim Mora wrote:

Good reference material! Since we are on the topic, I was wondering if (2) E
cores could be used (opposing each other) without the I core. This would
double the winding window and still allow for some leakage spacing. (4)
would double the core size yet again (two deep). I have a number of beefy
transformers from an inverter cabinet.

My goal is to make a seriously stiff filament transformer, So in review: 150
-200 turns for 240, wired sized for current in and out, 2.25-2.5 inch^2 for
each kwatt. Good stuff!

Jim Mora
Anyone see issues with using dual inverted stacked E cores?
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Hi all,

I took the core of a gutted defunct x-ray transformer (I
seem to burn them out a lot ;^(), and rewound each
"leg" with 105 turns of #8 THNN building wire,>>>

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