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RE: [TCML] Ballasting my Homemade Transformer.


Good reference material! Since we are on the topic, I was wondering if (2) E
cores could be used (opposing each other) without the I core. This would
double the winding window and still allow for some leakage spacing. (4)
would double the core size yet again (two deep). I have a number of beefy
transformers from an inverter cabinet.

My goal is to make a seriously stiff filament transformer, So in review: 150
-200 turns for 240, wired sized for current in and out, 2.25-2.5 inch^2 for
each kwatt. Good stuff!

Jim Mora
Anyone see issues with using dual inverted stacked E cores? 

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Hi all,

I took the core of a gutted defunct x-ray transformer (I
seem to burn them out a lot ;^(), and rewound each
"leg" with 105 turns of #8 THNN building wire,>>>

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