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Re: [TCML] Re: The current recordholders?

Laugh...! Not forgotten at all. I didn't want to crowd the listing with 13M (after all, it's my favorite coil to date for personal reasons). Bill's 13M is certainly the bench mark. We could of course look at Golka's monstrosity, but that is a completely different coil unique in it's own right.

Big coils require a team of coilers, mechanical engineers, a lot of money, and a purpose. With a bottomless pocket book, we could certainly break all records (I have not doubt of that). But when you attempt say 500kVA, you may as well power the coil with a substation designed specifically for the coil.

Where's the new JP Morgan these days?

Take care,

Jeff W. Parisse wrote:
Bart, your estimates look spot on but you forgot the major baseline; 13M during the test firings in the mid-90's.

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