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Re: [TCML] Spark Length Measurement Techniques

BTW All,

The larger toroid in the photo is grounded. That's how I accomplished using that toroid as a "target". I ran a wire from rf ground directly to the top load of the larger coil (on the back side). Thus, the large coils toroid could be used as a grounded target. Just want to ensure others have no mis-conceptions about that very repeatable arc length to a nearby coil is performed. It would certainly not arc repeatably to the larger toroid without the direct rf ground connection (periodically, but not at a repeatable power level).

Keeping it honest,

bartb wrote:
My little coil 4.5"D x 21.165"H max spark length is 55" to a target. At my front page of my website is a photo of this coil and an arc (top right).

The two toroids edge to edge nearest distance is 55" measured with a tape measure. If you were to use a little stick man or other 2D object, what would you estimate the distance to be? For reference, the toroid on the little coil is 6.25" x 21".
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