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Re: [TCML] Spark Length Measurement Techniques

Well,I don't like it.I'm affraid it can produce longer disharge lenghts than through the free air.


Dave Leddon wrote:
> Here's a scheme that I use to tune a coil to it's maximum spark length 
> which also yields an accurate measure the length achieved.  I tape a 
> nylon weed-wacker line to the toroid and attach the opposite end to a 
> vertical support about 20 feet from the coil.  Suspended from the line 
> are about 20 movable wooden dowels each pierced by small nails at the 
> lower end with the nail furthest from the coil being grounded.  An arc 
> from a breakout point on the toroid will jump from nail to nail to 
> reach ground and so you just keep increasing the dowel spacing an 
> readjusting the coil until the arc cannot reliable span the distance.  
> Once the coil is tuned to achieve a maximum spark length, all one has 
> to do is measure the span and subtract the total length of the nails.
> Here's a picture this setup taken at Greg Leyh's Nevada Lightning 
> Laboratory last summer:
> http://www.teslacoiling.com/firingthegap.jpg
> Dave

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