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[TCML] Cap charger and 50KV Discharge Caps 4 sale

Hi List,

I posted this on 4HV.org and got no nibbles so I'll try here. 
I have an A.L.E.-Lamda cap charger/ laser pulse supply 4 sale. There is one
on Ebay for $3900. I need to sell mine for $2500/offer. I built a remote
control per Lamda instructions with a 50KV meter and a simple 10V pot that
adjusts the entire voltage range 0-50KV constant current. There is also a
red led for HV on and green for off. Visit the Lamda site at: 

The caps are very nicely reconditioned from the Geek Group and are very nice
50kv 8uf each. Big Joules! Shrink silver dollars or??? This is a very
versatile power supply. I hate to sell this hardware but I need the money
for my Tesla coils. I can't afford both! The Lamda is 8KJ/sec and requires
208V 3 phase. http://www.us.tdk-lambda.com/hp/product_html/802power.htm

Jim Mora
Ojai,Ca. 93023
Please contact me off list for questions or intrest.
"I do not think that the wireless waves I have discovered will have any
practical application"
Heinrich Hertz

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