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Hi Everyone,

I recently chatted with Bart Anderson in the Tesla Coil chat room on
Tesla Universe and he gave me his approval to begin work on an updated
version of JavaTC.  I personally would like to thank Bart for the
tremendous amount of effort he has put into this indispensable tool.
I have worked with JavaScript on numerous occasions, and it is a real
chore.  That Bart has kept JavaTC up all these years shows his
dedication to the coiling community.  The new version of JavaTC will
be called WebTC, as such the processing will no longer occur
client-side, which means the calculations will be much faster.  Also
this will eliminate many browser compatibility issues.  The user
interface will see a complete overhaul to match the looks of Tesla
Universe and possibly make it even more user friendly.

If you have any PHP/MYSQL/C++/AJAX skills and you are interested in
helping with this project please let me know.  If you'd like to get in
touch with me you can view my e-mail address in my profile (if you are
a member), or you may contact me in the Tesla Coil chat room.  If you
have any other ideas you would like me to consider please post them

I have started a thread on Tesla Universe where I have posted some of
my planned changes and upgrades.  If you have any additional ideas
please post to that topic and I will consider your ideas.


-Phillip Slawinski
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