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Re: [TCML] Toroid question


In my formula, I use the total power drawn from the mains.  But
the formula is only a rough guide anyway.  Many folks use the formula
in different ways for example they might use the input kVA instead
of watts, etc.  The formula still tends to work reasonably well and is
only intended for rather efficient coils. Inefficient coils will tend to
produce much shorter sparks.  Small static gap coils with small
tank caps often produce much shorter sparks than the formula
would suggest.

It's not true that I developed the formula based on SRSG, 120 PPS,
equal bangs, although that is a popular myth.  I actually based it on
a variety of coils both 120 PPS and higher async break-rates such
as 280, 340, 420 PPS, but not specifically those break-rates, but similar break-rates. Apparently, larger coils tend to be more efficient so they
have less trouble meeting the "prediction" given by the formula.  Small
coils have trouble reaching such efficiencies at times. Because of this,
small coils seem to require 120 bps SRSG operation to fit the formula.
Larger coils seem to get by well at higher breakrates at least up to
some (unknown) PPS point.  I don't have space to run large coils,
so I had to depend on reports by others regarding their coil's efficiencies,
when analyzing the larger coils.


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John,in your formula
Spark lenght = 1.7*SQRT(P)
is P in watts power delivered to Tesla coil circuit or total power drawn from
the mains?
Also,I heard that you developed the formula on the basis of SRSG , 120 PPS,and
equal bang sizes coils.
Does that mean it is not so accurate for static gap coils,ARSG coils,and higher
PPS coils.


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at my website, I show my TT-42 coil with a 4" x 13" spun toroid.  The
produces 42" sparks using a robust 12/30 NST.  An ordinary 12/30 gives
about 38" sparks.


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