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Re: [TCML] A few questions, any help would be great

chuck wrote:
"You can read the archives for more detailed explanations, but do not be put

off by the few perpetual sophomores who like to DIS the freshman, and feel the need to fill up bandwidth to explain why they will not answer your question."

Those with arcane knowledge tend to guard it jealously. Such guildsmen can
be found in any profession and campuses are choked with them. They do not
subscribe to "gladly learn and gladly teach." Knowledge is power and few of
us are willing to surrender power.

Bwahahaha... because that power allows us to rule the world, and beyond.... the universe...

Ask away... we've all asked the same seemingly stupid questions over and over, and in reality, even those of us who have answered them a hundred times learn something new in the subtle changes. Besides, technology changes.. what was a good solution back in 2001 probably has changed since then, so the archives need a bit of judgement when reading...

(just don't suggest a wiki or FAQ... we've been through that too many times... easier just to ask questions and get some answers..)
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