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Re: [TCML] 135ft arc 3ft sphere - Possible?

Derek wrote:
"You *can* get to close to 135 feet if you count all the little twists and turns and count tip of one spark across the middle and to the tip of a spark on the other side. Bill Wysock's 13M gets there if you follow this somewhat unconventional measurement technique (of course he's running more power and has a much larger topload than a 3 foot ball) "

All Tesla coil sparks are actually of infinite length measured this way.

I beleive that a spark by it nature is fractal. The length around the outside of any fractal has infinite length if you look closely enough. (try measuring a coastline) Therefore if you count the circumference all of the twists and turns you get an infinite length.

Its amazing you ever get a strike !!


they're sort of fractal.. more like a series of not quite randomly oriented straight segments. They don't have infinite recursion like a true fractal, either.

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