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Re: [TCML] Ebay I tems

Paul Brodie wrote:
I don't mean to hurt your sales effort or anything but I have owned several of the Maxwell caps and discovered some problems with using them with Tesla Coils.

They have a relatively low duty cycle

Depends a lot on which cap from Maxwell.. hence the questions from others about the ratings. Maxwell has caps that are rated for 1pps and others for 1000 pps, for instance. Voltage reversal has an effect on life (TC duty has a lot of reversal... 85-90%). Finally, voltage (compared to rated voltage) has an enormous effect.

http://home.earthlink.net/~jimux/hv/caplife.htm has the details.

Lots of folks are pretty successful using a 50kV, 1pps rated cap at 120 pps and 20kV.. the higher pulse rate (which would shorten life) is more than made up by running it at less than 1/2 voltage.

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