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RE: [TCML] Ebay I tems

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I don't mean to hurt your sales effort or anything but I have owned several 
of the Maxwell caps and discovered some problems with using them with Tesla 

They have a relatively low duty cycle and there have been at least a couple 
of coilers who have suffered catastrphic failures using these caps. You can 
search the archives because there was a thread that discussed this at length

about 3, maybe 4 years back. One person, I can not remember his name, 
unfortunately, who had his fail and he went to the trouble of disassembling 
it and taking photos of what had been destroyed.

If I remember correctly, his solution was to use 2 of them in series to get 
.015uF and 70kV to use with a 15kV 30mA neon sign transformer. I can not 
remember any other of the details now. I will try to find it in the archive 
and pass along what I find. I thought everyone should be aware of this. I 
seem to remember also that Mr. D.C. Cox was involved in that discussion, if 
he cares to comment. That is if I'm not wrong, AGAIN! :-) My memory is 
pretty foggy these days but I am fairly certain he at least made some 
comments during that discussion.

This is not to knock these caps at all. I recently sold two of them on eBay 
myself. Apparently, they are a perfect fit for high voltage flash 
photography and Kirlian photography as this was the application the buyer 
was using them for. They are definitely pulse discharge caps and good to 
35kV. It is only the duty cycle that I am aware of that presents any 
problems, which leads me to wonder why using 2 of them in series helped??
Think Positive

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Subject: [TCML] Ebay I tems

Hey gang I'm selling a few Items on ebay please take a look.

Maxwell pulse cap.

RK:MESELX:ITHv resistors 4 of
me=STRK:MESELX:ITSSTC spark gap board I have a second board no components.
somewhere and iffoud will be included to buyer for
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