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Re:[TCML] SSTC help



What I have found out is that if the interrupter is not dialed in
incorrectly you will not get a break out, at least on mine that's the way it
works, what I did was run the coil at low power and then watched the current
meter as I adjusted the interrupter and when I gut the max current at low
voltage I started bringing the voltage up and watched the current, there is
a spot that will draw maximum current and very little break out on my coil,
however it does make the lights dim and the break out is kind of feathery
looking, but I was able to find the sweet spot using this method I guess
what I am trying to say is keep the voltage low while searching for that
sweet spot to protect components, once you find it by playing with the
interrupter then you can crank it up and you should see a spark. Providing
all the electronics are working like they are supposed too. 


Here is a picture of my coil running in my dungeon lab this is just 120Vac
with a voltage doubler.




I am in process of changing the circuitry over to something with a little
more power. Just waiting on parts to arrive, they are pretty touchy so do
all the tuning at a reduced voltage, if your phasing is incorrect you will
notice that right away as that could cause a dead short across the rails and
even at low voltage it can draw quite a bit of current and the IGBT
components complain a bunch.  I did blow 1 IGBT because of ringing but I was
able to swamp it out by placing a couple of caps across the DC rails. And an
O'scope is really a necessity when you're trying to get all the circuits to
work like they should. 




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