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[TCML] Proper Energy Discharge Capacitors Wanted for trade/sale

Wanted: Proper energy discharge capacitor for coinshrinking/can crushing/exploding. I can trade 1 50kva 12470/480 2 eared pole pig with a 10kva 240/480 stepup so it can be powered by 220. Or I can trade a # of 2.25µf 15kvdc sangamo capacitors(30 total). Or i can buy it. It needs to be between 9-20 kv, 50-300µf, in the 5-10kj range or higher. These requirements are not concrete and suggestions will be entertained off list. The problem I'm having is buying proper bus bars to connect the 30 caps I have is going to be just as or more expensive as buying a proper energy discharge cap and having it freighted to my house. Plus I really don't know what the outcome will be inductance wise with 30 caps. Thanks in advance. If it is the southeast I can make a long distance trip and pickup/deliver.
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