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Re: [TCML] In Need of a 15Kv 30mA NST

Four microwave oven transformers (MOT) work fine. When I was active several years back, there was quite a bit of discussion about this. There were a couple of people who were using 4 MOT's with a center ground and 2 on each side for about 8kV. They usually ran them submerged in oil but there was one person who ran theirs in air.

IIRC, they rectified the output to DC and used DC resonant charging, as explained so thoroughly on Richie Burnett's web site. I think one person who did this was Mark Dunn, I think, who at least had a web site at one time with great photos of his coil and a really good description and explantion of the enire setup. Unfortunately, I can't find the web site right now. I will look in my records and see if I can locate more inofrmation about this and using MOT's.

By the way, microwave ovens can be had for free, if you go and ask for dead ones at almost any appliance repair company. I used to visit a couple of repair outfits here and they would let me go get them out of their dumpster. I had eleven of them once but my wife put an end to that real quick!
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Please give your location.  Shipping costs can be a major part of your total

Have you tried neon sign companies in your area?  They may sell you one
cheap or give one to you if you tell them it is for an experimental project.

6 Microwave Oven Transformers in series and under oil is another possibility
that will give you much better coil performance than a NST.
Steve Y.

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My Transco 15000 Volt 30mA Neon Sign Transformer has been half dead for many
years, and I need to replace it. Now, I already looked pretty deep for a way
to fix it, but it's unfortunately encased in epoxy resin... Anyways, I've
checked all over eBay and Google Shopping and even craigslist, none to be
found that aren't already at, or aren't heading very quickly into the triple
digits. Getting to the point, does anybody have a transformer that they'd
sell me or know of a place that I could get one for under $100.00?
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