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[TCML] Re:Interrupter Question



The diode is rated 600V @ 20 amps, I have good rail voltages and both diodes
are heatsinked. Yes it is switching ok on the gate drives why it is having
fits I am just not sure, I originally thought I had one of the doubler caps
failing but after replacing them with different caps there was no change. I
am using 3500uF 450V caps in the doubler circuit. But now is as good a time
as any to give those CM300 blocks a try and see how they perform they are
rated at 70 KHz and as compared to 20KHz on the ones I am using my Fres is
around 75KHz.  It just has me a little perplexed as all the signals look
really good and yet the silly thing just does not put out a spark longer
than 1 to 2 feet in length.  I tried changing the coupling and it seems I
have it about where it should be any change and it seems to deteriorate it
more. I did change tap positions and it seems to be correct as well because
any change also deteriorates it. So I guess trial and error will figure this
out. I am not sure how well those FGA40N60 IGBT work in this application I
have only heard of couple of people that have used them and maximum spark
length seem to be about what I am getting so maybe it is just too much for
them at the Fres. Not sure. but I will see what the CM300 blocks do.



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