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Re: [TCML] HF breakdown of air gaps

Hi Dex,

Finding free web-accessible information is a bit difficult, but not impossible. Needle-needle gap breakdown tables are available for sinusoidal 60 Hz AC voltages, but these tables are seldom found in today's engineering and physics books. Unfortunately needle-plane (point-plane) gap information is not as common, but more commonly available rod-plane gap tables may be used for larger gaps with little error (at least for larger gaps). Here's a typical table (from the Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity, Volume 2 via Google Books) for needle-needle gaps between 00 sewing needles:

(You can preview the above at http://preview.tinyurl.com/kp69cj)

RF breakdown tends to be similar to perhaps 20% lower depending upon the applied frequency and gap spacing. A paper that discusses these effects in some depth can be found here:


Ultimately, you will need to confirm results for your design. If you do make measurements, please share them with this community.

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Dex Dexter wrote:


Can somebody tell me where on internet I can find tables for high frequency voltage breakdown of air gaps for:
1)Needle-needle gaps
2)Needle-plane gaps

CW excitation above 100 kHz only.

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