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Re: [TCML] HF breakdown of air gaps

Dex Dexter wrote:


Can somebody tell me where on internet I can find tables for high frequency voltage breakdown of air gaps for:
1)Needle-needle gaps
2)Needle-plane gaps

CW excitation above 100 kHz only.


Presumably, you've googled and found nothing..

You might try googling for papers on particle accelerators. They use high power RF in an environment where breakdown is an issue. Lasers are another place where this turns up.

In waveguide, the "Woo report" from JPL is a good start, now that I think about it, I think there's a JPL report on lower frequencies too, although perhaps not as low as 100kHz.

The North Report on "High Power Microwave Transmitters" from Los Alamos doesn't talk about low frequencies, but it probably has some references.

Why not measure it yourself?

For highly non-uniform geometries, the geometry is a dominant factor. What sort of gap distance are you talking about? (very much smaller than a wavelength, I assume, so maybe looking at standard impulse breakdown is close enough.. lightning impulse rise time is on the order of a microsecond, which is comparable to a 250 kHz sine wave, eh?)
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