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RE: [TCML] Building a pulse generator

Bunch of stuff here:


Here is a power supply that delivers what you will need and it is based on
COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) parts from Radio Shack.


If you are trying to build that microflash unit you talked about earlier,
you do not need 30KV, you need about 2-4KV at most. A microwave oven
transformer will provide this unmodified.

This is also an excellent online source for schematics (but they don't have
any good strobe stuff):



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> Ok. What else should I do other than add a diode (I have 
> plenty diodes) to the 2n3055. How also should I add a 
> pre-driver transistor? Which transistor?
> It's a circuit diagram I downloaded from the internet so I'm 
> not surprised it's a steaming pile of poo. Most things on the 
> internet turn out that way. 
> I have backup plans - using a 110- 12vAC transformer or using 
> a relay to do the pulsing. The relays won't last too long but 
> in theory should last a few days.
> I need to get this blasted thing working. I can't afford to 
> blow a ton of money on circuits that won't work (which in my 
> experience is about 80% of all circuits I find in books etc).
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