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Re: [TCML] My first tesla coil

Hey,thanks Bert!That's veeery interesting.Do you know if that corona charging effect   happens also in the vicinity of HV power lines?


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Subject: Re: [TCML] My first tesla coil
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In addition to electromagnetic induction, there is also the phenomenon 
of electrostatic induction:


Space charges (injected by nearby streamers and leaders) will also 
induce potentials on nearby isolated conductive objects by direct charge 
deposition via "corona charging". As a result, a sphere, placed outside 
the range of visible discharges from a Tesla Coil, will rapidly charge a 
HV capacitor (where the other end of the capacitor is connected to 
ground). This is markedly different than the RF capacitive coupling that 
also occurs between secondary/toroid and nearby conductive objects.

Corona charging or corona rectification has been used to make low 
current HV rectifiers and is currently used in electrostatic 
copier/printing and polymer pretreatment for printing.



Dex Dexter wrote:
> Well,if they remain charged after turning off the coils (for a longer
> time) that can't be induction.
> Dex

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