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[TCML] Rotary spark gap plus NST? Good? Bad?

hello, I have a nice tesla coil, 12kv, 30 ma NST, with a boring old static gap, however the coil does put out 29 inch streamers. anyway, I am looking to upgrade to a rotary gap, I have a 1 HP, 1700 rpm motor, asynchronous... I'm not sure if it is o.k to use with my NST, I am worried about burning up my secondary windings. my caps are cornell dubliner brand, if I spelled that correctly... and the bank is at 12nf total. so, if I put 8 rotating, and two stationary electrodes, for approx. 170 bps, my nst has lasted a few weeks so far, but would would my nst last with a rotary gap, and my safety gap? I figured you guys were the ones to come to with this issue, p.s, I'm really not looking to spend the money/ time for a terry filter unless it is absolutely necessary, thanks,                                                                               Mike Osipowicz
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