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Re: [TCML] Looking for pulse cap

Hi Herr Zapp,

Interesting questions, but how do they relate to answering the question Dave asked?

Matt D.

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Dave -?
A few questions:?
1. How are you calculating the voltage requirements for the tank cap??
2. How large a multiplier are you using to define the capacitor's voltage margin (safety factor)??
3. What is the manufacturer's voltage rating for the IGBTs you will be using??
4. What is the calculated peak primary current??
Herr Zapp?

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Subject: [TCML] Looking for pulse cap?
 Hi all,?
? I'm working on a fairly large DRSSTC and I find that an MMC adequate to 

?the task may be out of my financial reach. If I were to push the igbt 

?bridge to its limits I would require a cap rated at 20 kv at 0.5 mfd. 

?This begins to sound like pole pig territory. If anyone has a cap like 

?this that they would consider selling, or if they know of a resource that 

?I can pursue, please let me know.?
 Pleasanton, Ca?
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