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Re. [TCML] Topload Materials related to Primary Tuning question.

Addendum.  While I've not answered my own questions from the previous post, not yet anyway, I do have some more positive results to add. 

As I mentioned I would, I expanded my 20" x 4" alum. duct toroid out some more, and finding 23" seemed too much for any breakouts to occur, I settled on 22" diameter.   Long story short and with a modifed wire frame to hold it on the secondary, found I could only make it break out by adding a bolt, screw or metal thumbtack which is what I also settled on doing.   So the 22" aluminum duct toroid breaks out at 10.32 turns of the primary, but only if I have a thumbtack foil taped to it.   Some pics of results below. 


Some streamers 18" and over.  Not too bad for a 9kV 30mA unit.  


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