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[TCML] Tesla Coil First Light

My sons and I just completed our first Tesla coil and really enjoyed the process and the result.

Details for the construction:

3.5" PVC wrapped with 1200 turns of #27 magnet wire with metal dryer hose for toroid ( 216 kHz )
#6 bare copper for primary wound in flat spiral using 1/2" spacing ( approx 43 feet )
12 glass Sobe softdrink bottles filled with saltwater for tank capacitor
14,000v 90mA NST for primary HV source
fixed spark gap using copper tubing in 3.5" PVC coupling ( 4 gaps ) with shop vac for quencing

We tuned with signal generator and oscilloscope before firing it up and it started up beautifully the
first time ( we were then able to tune further using trial and error )

We were getting 24" streamers when expecting to see 5 - 6" maximum with this simple a setup.

Photos on my flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/rickcoker/sets/72157622356155568/

We were really excited, thanks for letting us post on your site.

Any suggestions are welcome.
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