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[TCML] Pulse caps, criminals, and my two cents

Alright, well gentlemen, enough with the accusations...I'm not a crook
or a conman and it wasn't my intention to recommend that anyone do
something that would put them into those categories. 
I was looking at this from my perspective as a businessman instead of a
I was just trying to get some information out there and help
out...something that seems to be becoming less and less rewarding on
this forum as certain people seem to be taking this all a bit too
This is suppose to be fun and positive, isn't it?
Perhaps some of us need to rethink our roles here. 
We are either mentors or mentorees, and sometimes both. 
We are not here to judge people, or to ridicule peoples opinions and
ideas if they don't match with our own, are we?
Does that sort of thing belong here?
Anyway, lighten up folks!
Lets focus on what's important, which from my perspective is sharing our
wisdom and experiences, encouraging safe practices, and
preserving/evolving this wonderful machine that Tesla has given us. 
Lets do it in unity.

Shannon Weinhold
Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
Behavioral Health Services
Mental Health Infirmary

"Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is
the beginning of wisdom."
- Theodore Isaac Rubin

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I agree with Quarkster... its pretty shameful to pretend to be
manufacturing components with the intent to receive Free or even
discounted components on the pretense that the company will recoup costs
if you choose to use their product.
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