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Re: [TCML] secondary corona ring... adivse needed

Here is my short experience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBXr9O6k6jk

The coil is 3.75", the main top load is 4", the corona ring is 3". I found that lifting the top load increased the output, but also increased my likelihood for corona. DC also convinced me to raise my secondary out of my primary which also increased the output. At that point I had enough corona that it was very noticeable and pulling arcs up from the protection grounding ring. The bottom edge of the corona ring is level with the top winding of the secondary, the ring and main top-load are only slightly separated. I don't remember having to re-tune very much at all.


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hello everybody, I searched the forums, but did not find what I am looking for. my 4 inch coil seems to be working pretty well, Im still waiting for my second NST, and more caps to come in... until then... I am getting corona from the top of my secondary windings, although it looks very cool, it cannot stay. my toroid is 4 inch dryer duct, wrapped with AL tape, nicely smoothed, almost professional! I need a corona ring, sitting right above the secondary windings, right? I am looking for something that is about 1 inch diameter, does dryer ducting come in this size? I love the look of a high toroid, but my secondary does not... thanks, Mike o.
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