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[TCML] White Board TC Reference

Wonder who collected all these past gems!
I found it on on a google of Teslafy, my eclectic Yahoo Group on pg 2 as an URL entitled "Back" which is simply an icon employed in the organization of the "White Board" URL itself.

Last March or so I posted an  unanswered enquiree  to pupman about the URL location as "White Pages", when I couldn't specifically remember where I saw it, but I remembered it was from a google search. Back then I did the identical google search and it tuned up nothing after twenty or so pages.

I'm thinking to wonder here, does Google itself categorize the relevance in its search engine in order of search by how many "hits" that site gets?
I would imagine this is true and that accounts for why I could find the site one time and not the next ect...

In any case THANX for whoever put up this site, it is a good repetiour of knowledge.

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