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[TCML] 5 kVA, 240/19200 volt pig for sale

Hey guys,

My garage cleaning has revealed that I have a custom made 5 kVA, 19.2 kV 
rated "piglet" (that's right - 19,200 volts!) that I picked up a few months ago, 
but am now realizing that I will likely never build another ARSG driven Tesla 
coil system small enough for this transformer to be of sufficient size to ade-
quately power the system. It is in good condition, completely functional, has
NEVER been used in a Tesla coil system (I've only hooked it up a few times 
to verify it non-DOA) and marked non-PCB. It tips the scales at just about 
180 lbs. so it would be great if whoever purchases this unit come and pick it 
up. I could POSSIBLY work with you on shipping it through a common freight 
carrier but would insist that the buyer make all of the necessary arrangements 
for this, as it would have to be palletized and strapped to the pallet for shipment. 
I am located in the Memphis, TN. area and am asking $200 OBO for this unit 
and ask that the purchaser take possesion of it within 30 days, should he elect 
to come and pick it up himself. Here are a couple of pics of it: 


I can provide additional pics if necessarily. If I don't get any bites here, its next
stop is eBay.

Also, I have some huge Milwaukee "corncob" power resistors, 4 Ohms rating 
at multiple-100's? of watts that are listed on eBay. Go to eBay listing number:

David Rieben
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