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Re: [TCML] Pole Pig

Hi Robert,

Well, although 50 kVA is a bit large for all but the most gargantuan of SG
driven coil systems, $500/ea. is really not that bad of a price for new, un-
used 50 kVA pigs, especially if as you pointed out, you can go and pick
one up locally and forgo the steep freight charges - assuming, of course,
that you have access to a vehicle that can haul your prize ;^) I have a
"semi-local" source (3 hours' drive, each way) transformer rebuild shop
that I can call and order a pig to my specs and go and pick it up within
a day or two and their price for a 50 kVA unit would definitely surpass
the $500 mark. I checked with them earlier this year and I believe it was
around $400 for a 10 kVA unit. Of course, a 10 kVA unit is more than
adequate for almost any spark gap coiler, though, unless your name
happens to be Greg Leyh, Bill Wysock, or Jeff Parisse  ;^))

The only drawback I see with these 50 kVA units is that they are only
7200 volt units. 7200 volts is a rather low primary circuit voltage to reli-
ably fire a spark gap coil, especially at very high power levels. I suppose
you could series 2 of them to get 14.4 kV @100 kVA rating! but that
would be a very cumbersome and expensive ($1000) transformer assem-
bly for firing a 10 or 15 kVA system! But my oh my, what kind of a
VTTC you could build with a 50 kVA transformer, since 7200 volts
would be just about "right on target" for a high powered VTTC system!

David Rieben

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Hello All,
A while back I purchased a 50kv x-ray transformer for my projects. Now I have the opportunity to purchase a pole pig that is in my local area. My question is what are your thoughts on the price? also I have found they are not so easy to get in Florida and if it's not local shipping can be more than the unit itself. This one I don't have to build a container for and locate oil and the like.

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