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[TCML] New (er, rebuild) Project

Hi All,
Been rethinking my design and will be taking a different approach.  First I plan 
on using a halogen lamp load to test and figure out what works best.  I don’t 
recall who posted the pictures but thanks for the idea of using screws to mount 
the bulbs.  http://www.cmnow.com/TeslaMan/Dummy/2Dummy.JPG
So I have something more than capacitance to experiment with I am also building 
a sucker gap. http://www.cmnow.com/TeslaMan/Sucker/5Sucker.JPG
I will have a 6 electrode RQSG 
http://www.cmnow.com/TeslaMan/1stRun/ahDSCF0470.jpg , my soon to be sucker gap, 
and sitting on the bench is a 1725 RPM 1/3 HP induction motor which I will grind 
flats on the rotor to make a salient pole synchronous motor for an SRSG. As yet, 
I have not found a source (inexpensive) for G10/FR4 any pointers would be 
Great suggestion by Yurtle, so I bought a Lux meter for $9.99 off eBay.  
I’m guessing more power means bigger arcs, but since I have 4 x 12/30s I will be 
experimenting with different power levels, different capacitances, and different 
gap types.
Once that's done I'm going back to JavaTC to figure out the secondary and top 
load configurations.
Wish me well with my next attempt.
Miles M
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