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Re: [TCML] Looking for decent LCR meter - ideas?

mddeming@xxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Dave,

I have been very happy with this one:


(I assume you are not using it on iron core or ferrite core coils.)
Matt D
I have an earlier version and have been very happy with it. I see the price hasn't changed in several years. I bought the kit and put it together in a couple of hours. Also have two Q meters and two LC bridges the the LCR meter is small and easy to use. When I need better results I use one of the other instruments. The thing is not a Q meter and works at fairly low frequencies but it's more than adequate for most of what I do. I also have a couple of LCR multimeters I got from eBay suppliers and they are far inferior and work on a different and much cheaper principle. Also won't go down to anywhere near as low inductance or capacitance. For some of what I do I want to measure a fraction of a microhenry or pf and the AADE does that beautifully.


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