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Re: [TCML] Looking for decent LCR meter - ideas?

One good thing about the AADE unit is that it DOES do a very good job of measuring inductance down to a few nH and capacitance to a tenth of a pF.


Binny wrote:

Hi Dave ,
I got mine off an "E" Bay store called multimeter_depot And was very pleased and suprised by the quality and acuracy for a hand held. I have had very good luck with these folks and have bought several meters off them.IMHO they just sell meters and offfer qood quality stuff for reasonable prices. Seems one can procure a fairly accurate one for around a hundred, shipping and all.I am not affiliated with these folks in any way but as far as I can see they give the most bang for the buck.Bargain basement cheap inaccurate test equipment will only serve to discourage in your effort in the electrical engineering field. It will either not last very long or baffle and confuse one with erroneous readings. My favorite example is the "ElCheapo" Ditial multimeter that can not stop searching for just the right value and shortly degrades to total uselessness or looses its display the first time it experiences any humidity or mild shock as in flubbing it and dropping it more than a foot above a plushy carped floor.Go ahead and ask me how I know this and I will tell all, I was a tower monkey for a Ski Tow for 13 years and went thru a lot of meters chasing out everything from shorts open circuits On the top of a mountain in every kind of weather imaginable hanging off icy towers and telephone poles. I put 'em all thru the torture test and the worst investment I made was the top of the line ones like flukes and simsions because not much will survive a fall from 30-60 feet and bounce off solid ice 15-25 feet up in the air all the way down the side of the hill. Although I needed the accuracy, so as by taking resistance and voltage measurement tests I could deduct with the shortest amount of time possible which tower or telephone pole had a problem or figure out if it was an open or short in the cable between. Did some crazy scary shit back then put the body and equipment to the test. So any way shop wisely,don't spend your money on junk. I believe a handheld in the 100 dollar range, give or take would be accurate enough for your needs and then some, should be able to take a few bumps and bangs,and last a good long time with reasonable care. Hope this helps ,, Just my 2 cents worth... Binny...

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