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Re: [TCML] Primary Support Materials

Joe Mastroianni wrote:

Hi Brandon,

I've had little luck gluing UHMW or HDPE,

PE is essentially impossible to glue with conventional techniques. Mostly you weld it (using a hot air plastic welder and PE filler rod)

There are chemical preps you can do which alter the surface and (this will be appealing to coilers), there's a process where a corona discharge is used to create lots of little twisty holes in the surface, so the epoxy has something to "key" into.

 even with various types and
grades of epoxy. I've been able to tap both, and drill both with no problem. I've used both brass and nylon screws which all hold well, as long as you don't over tighten, as you can imagine. Machining - as in turning on a lathe, has been more difficult. I've yet to find the tool/speed combination that gives me a clean cut.

Very sharp tools needed, big cut, lots of coolant. Once the tool heats up, the game's over.

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