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Re: [TCML] Tesla Museum in Colorado Springs?

In summer 1992 M13 was set up at Penrose Rodeo Grounds, now Norris-Penrose Event Center. Ground turned into a ~ 3-4" deep muddy mess for machine disassembly the next day. Jim Hardesty was also there.

The C/S Lab site is said to have been near the corners of Foote & Kiowa, which intersect at the crest of the hill.

ITS bankruptcy was ca. 1996 w/ the remaining physical assets being purchased by Dennis Lee.

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I remember going there once, a long time ago. It's the year Bill Wysock was gonna run a huge coil in the Springs. The story goes, if I remember correctly, that he had it all set up in a ball field, ready to go, and the mother of all rain/hail storms came through and soaked everything! No show :-(

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