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Re: [TCML] Grounding Coil to Water Pipe

Yurtle Turtle wrote:
The dish itself only has a coax connecting it to any splitters thern to the receivers, and may not have to be grounded at all Does NEC cover altennas? What I've seen grounded are the splitters; not the antennas themselves.

Yes, the NEC requires grounding antennas.  Article 820.
For cable TV and satellite TV, the grounding wire requirement for the dish can be met by a continuous run of the coax shield, which is then bonded to the ground system prior to entry into the house.

Some splitters can serve as the bonding means (they'll have a hexagonal head screw painted green).

As mentioned, a huge number of satellite and cable tv installations don't meet code. http://www.kramerfirm.com/pictures/thumbnails.php?album=8 has some amusing photos
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