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Re: [TCML] Any one using a 7200 V pole pig?

> My question is whether a 7200 V pole pig is worth
> using?  I see that I am going to have some issues to
> work around using this low voltage.  Also going to have
> to drink a lot more beer to provide bottles for
> capacitors.  I'm thinking it may be a better approach
> to find a higher voltage transformer or even just a few more
> OBIT's
> Any comments or suggestions?
> Charlie
> K3YA

Hi Charlie,

7200vac isn't a serious obstacle.  A fast, asynchronous rotary spark gap will cure your spark gap issues.  This can be done on the cheap if you wish.  Think in terms of a garolite disk mounted on a router or an angle grinder.  A dimmer switch will do for speed control.

Also, consider using an inductive ballast instead of resistive.  An arc welder in series with the 240vac line works well.  Alternatively, a couple of big MOT cores gapped with index cards and wrapped with as much #10 wire as they'll hold will probably work.

Beer bottles are bulky and heavy, but they are also cheap.  I once used 98 MGD bottles in parallel for 80nF with my 5KVA pole pig system.  I got 7 foot sparks and never cracked a bottle.

So feed the pig!


N5QMR/G0WCV (in an earlier life)

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