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[TCML] Inductive and Capacitive reactance - units of measurement


When planning/tuning a TC, to get XL = XC, inductive reactance = capacitive reactance in both the primary and secondary, I know is one of the goals, for the primary L and C and the secondary L and C to match

so if:


XL = 2(pi)FL





XC = 1/(2(pi*FC))


-what units of measurements are those formulas intended to be used with, for frequency in Hz/kHz/Mhz, inductance in henries/microhenries/some other henries, and farads, microfarads. nanofarads, picofarads etc?  How do they vary between parts commonly used in the primary and secondary portions of the circuit?


For example I know that the topload is usually in pf and the tank cap usually in uf .... so some unit conversion will be required, but what?


Also I know that frequency is determined by the number of turns and the size of the winding, but in the tank circuit there is also the frequency at which the spark gap fires.  Which frequency is referred to, that of the primary coil dimensions, or bps of the sg, or some mix of both?


and once I can crunch the numbers to determine how to adjust the parts to make XL=XC for the primary, and the secondary  

-What unit of measurement is XL and XC reactance measured in, for both inductive and capacitance, and how does its unit conversion work for meaningful numbers in contruction for optimal performance?


And to put each tuned LC together, for tank and tower, should the XL of the primary = XL of the secondary, and likewise, XC of the primary cap = XC of the topload?


(btw I tried JavaTC and it seems too complicated ... the dimensions of the room in which it will be run are unknown so that kind of affects on the rest the numbers .. so i dont trust the numbers it gives me, nor do I understand what every field on that form means, and I know there has to be an easier way - i like the simple calculators on deepfriedneon.com that take it one part at a time for frequency, MMC and such)


Brian Hall 

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