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Re: [TCML] Copper vs. Aluminum/Steel wire for the secondary coil?

Assuming this wire resembles magnet wire,I would think it would be o.k. to use since I haven't run across any insulated stainless or titanium wire(yet). Could be wrong but these are usually used for mechanical applications and goes by the name of bailing wire or safety wire.As mentioned their resistance is pretty high so I would find doubtful anyone would go to the trouble of insulating a wire with little to no use as a conductor.Just my opinion. Wyatt
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Thanks to those who have helped with recent questions 


I was rummaging through my trunk and found that last summer I got a very good deal at the MIT flea market, 8 and a half pounds of aluminum (at least I think its aluminum) wire for about 10 bucks.  It appears to be #26 gague and in new condition, still has the cellophane wrapped around the circumfrence save for a bit that the original owner used.


If I were to use this on a secondary coil form, how would the numbers crunch differently in terms of inductance, frequency, resistance, self capacitance etc?  I know the performance would not likely be as good as copper, as it is not as good of a conductor ... 

also I am guessing on it being aluminum, i don't think its steel as it does not react to an fairly strong magnet.

Brian Hall 

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